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Whoopi Goldberg, Claudia Schiffer, Susan Sarandon and Mary J. Blige were honored among others the WOMEN’S WORLD AWARDS at the last ceremony in New York. Teri Hatcher hosted the evening, Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan and II Divo were performing live and Kyle MacLachlan and Forest Whitaker were among the presenters.

Although Si Greenberg was not available (and won’t admit it), he was seen last in his hotel room ensconced in a frenetic game of online slots at his fav online casino. He told me about this recent fetish when speaking of how he was bankrupting himself by having fun. I had no idea what he was talking about until I saw him playing those online slots. His routine involves searching for slots for US player, then landing on a review site that lists the best free rolls, bonuses, etc. Then the night disappears behind a curtain of losses to the slots gods. I am surprised and horrified, but am unable to intervene due to our friendship, but if he keeps on being a no-show, this new fetish is going to cost him more than money…

There is another surprise celebrity guest who is expected to appear. A little birdy told me that this particular actress (ok, so the mystery person is female, duh) has been out of site for the past year and a half due to an injury that was sustained while on set. Apparently several stunt actors were also injured. Unlike the actor who has plenty of money to allow recovery without any much financial pain ( the movie filming is now resuming), the stunt actors both ended up applying for social security disability benefits. I was recently talking with one of the stunt women and she not so jokingly suggested that the (ISA) International Stunt Association should have a manual about How to Apply for SSD along with access to social security disability lawyers who would guide the injured party through the whole process without taking a 25% cut of the benefits if the application is approved. Apparently this person had quite a difficult time with the whole process, but ultimately did receive benefits after several time consuming delays. These behind the scenes folks who are so important to a film need to have a shout out for all their hard work along with the risks they take to assure the celebrity actors and actresses shine in a movie.

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If you missed out on this event, be aware that the sponsors also supported the Next Time Circuit replays which includes a video and slideshow version of all events listed. They also have these media assets available for anyone interested in including these works in other presentations. They are especially interested in groups and activities that support women’s rights and have a fund that generously offers reimbursements to other organizations with which they partner.

Among the activities NTC is involved with are UN functions and fundraising efforts supporting anti-human trafficking efforts worldwide. This effort started as an anti child prostitution program, but quickly morphed into a wider effort when the need became evident. The group advocates against any kind of human rights abuse, especially in trafficking in children and women. The legal aid fund is always seeking donations, so please consider their appeal at these showcases and public events.

Future plans include a more robust website, and a distribution network for both information and funds. Their promotional efforts are primarily oriented toward western nations, but the recent financial problems have curtailed other planned expansion efforts in the developing nations. Brazil is the on exception, where funding has continued to be strong, and the NGO environment has improved significantly over the past 5 years.

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