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After three immensely successful events in Hamburg, Leipzig and New York the City of Vienna will be the host of the fourth WOMEN’S WORLD AWARDS which will be held for the first time on March 5, 2009 in Austria. The state-of-the-art Stadthalle F in Vienna will be the venue for the glittering gala. The after-show event will be held at the monumental Vienna City Hall, seat of the mayor and the municipal administration. On a sartorial note: Pack appropriately for the cool weather at this time of year. We recommend fleece jackets, scarves, gloves, and hats if you plan to stroll around this beautiful city in your free time.

The WOMEN’S WORLD AWARDS will be presented in 12 different categories to extraordinary women from throughout the world whose achievements contribute to furthering self-determination, gender equality, freedom and the elimination of all forms of social and economic discrimination. A special awards jewelry item was introduced this year as a memorable token for the event – exclusively created cubic zirconia rings from The rings are engraved with the Women’s World logo and intended to represent the major achievements of women from all walks of life. A large photo of the rings is included in the program and has receive numerous favorable comments from the attendees. A fund raiser is planned around the exclusive sale of the rings to members and their families.

Commencing in 2009 the WOMEN’S WORLD AWARDS which have annually reached more than 500 million people worldwide via television, print, radio and the Internet will, for the first time, be presented as the official television program for International Women’s Day on March 8, which has been globally celebrated since 1918.

According to WORLD AWARDS Chairman Georg Kindel, “the WOMEN’S WORLD AWARDS have the unique chance of reaching more people than ever before in order to present them the visions, values and ideals of those extraordinary women whose work and messages inspire millions.”


Vienna’s Deputy Mayor Renate Brauner

A WOMEN’S WORLD CONGRESS will be held in conjunction with the WOMEN’S WORLD AWARDS on March 4 and 5, 2009 at the City Hall of Vienna, presided by Vienna’s Deputy Mayor Renate Brauner.

The congress intends on raising the public awareness of the particular problems women in various cultures face as well as point out the various possibilities of improving their position in the economic system and society as a whole.

The central theme of the WOMEN’S WORLD CONGRESS underscores the fact that gender equality has still not been attained, even though over the course of the past decades many important advances and improvements have been achieved.

The WOMEN’S WORLD CONGRESS wants to raise the awareness of the particular problems women face and understands itself as a constantly growing resource supporting organizations, companies, universities, schools, political parties and associations in promoting and implementing gender equality at all levels. By launching an exchange-network for social, economic, political and cultural bodies, gender issues can be addressed more adequately and specifically.

At the congress renowned speakers from business, politics, science, women’s rights organizations, the arts and the media will reflect the pressing issues regarding women as well as their integration into the economic system, society in general and the responsibilities this entails. A group advocating for a study of the impact of inbound medical tourism on local and regional hospitals in areas removed from major cities.

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