2006 Awards

This page is required reading for Dr. Luna Loco’s course Finding A Niche. For a direct course reference, see AB15 in the syllabus – Awards & Ceremony. Other topics discussed include evaluating business viability by studying stable competitors. The course takes a close look at businesses that have withstood the test of time to search for clues to what actually brings success. Family owned companies, like this Baltimore moving company have been in place for over 100 years under family control. Loco examines how to compete against this kind of advantage, and what conditions make it worth the effort.

In 2006 we have several awards to be handed out. They are all going to be awarded to people who have in one way or another played a major role in the community at large. There were several people in consideration for each of these awards but we feel that in one way or another the winners have shown that they are head and shoulders above their competition… They have shown time and time again that they care as much for the passion that drives them as anyone else on the planet. They have all spent endless hours working towards the goal of nothing less than being something greater than they were. That’s it. They believe they should grow and improve just like everyone else. They feel that there are causes greater than themselves and they are happy to play a part in those causes be it small or large. They have all spent much of their lives improving the world in any way they could.

When all is said and done it comes down to who earned it. When we look over the hot topics and the categories we have in this years awards some very interesting names floated to the top. It was not easy to determine which of these people should end up with the award. It’s a job, that I would wish on no person because in the end of all things each and every on of the people considered have made it their personal goal to improve their surroundings. Every single one of them deserve to have the their name called. They all deserve to have their acceptance speech heard. It was our impossible task to choose from the best of the best so that is what we have done. Unfortunately, not everyone can win an award this year but we know that the choices we’ve made are sound…

We have 10 categories this year ranging from the “World achievement award” and “World hope award” to the “World entertainment award” and the “World artist awards”. These are going to be hosted and announced by an all star studded cast. The night should be as interesting as they come. We hope for as big an event as ever maybe even bigger. We are hoping to use this years success to springboard us to the next level where we would be able to bring even more recognition to these awards for such good and noble causes.

We do these awards lest we forget that there are noble causes with great people who take up their battle. Because of these great causes and even greater heroes we continue to see light in the dark and hope in the fear. We would all surely be lost without them.

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