Womens World Awards

PRESIDENT MIKHAIL GORBACHEV ANNOUNCES WINNERS OF THE 2006 WOMENS WORLD AWARDS. The World Awards Association and its President, Mikhail Gorbachev, is pleased to announce the 2006 Award winners in its annual showcase celebrating truly unique and talented women. Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, President of the World Awards, will co-host the exclusive awards ceremony on October 14 in New York along with Teri Hatcher and other special celebrity guests, marking the first time the ceremony has taken place in the United States.

Stars abound at the emotionally charged Women’s World Awards 2006 in New York. Hollywood superstars Whoopi Goldberg, Susan Sarandon, Supermodel Claudia Schiffer and HM Queen Noor of Jordan were among the 12 women honored by President Mikhail Gorbachev at this year’s star-studded gala ceremony at the Manhattan Theater in New York City with exciting vibrant evening performances highlighted by Chaka Khan and Stevie Wonder. The crowds went crazy with the fervid sets by both artists. The music, light design and sets couldn’t have been better.

A number of people commented about Lucy Lui was wearing a sling on her left arm. It turns out she was suffering from tendinitis or lateral epicondylitis, what we often refer to as tennis elbow. Apparently the tendons in her left arm had become inflamed. My dinner partner suggested that she seek out a Dr. Bob Donatelli who is well known among professional athletes for his success in treating a number of sports’ related injuries including lateral epicondylitis and medial epicondylitis. My friend refers to his treatment as tennis elbow Las Vegas rehab since Dr. Donatelli has offices in Las Vegas. I introduced my dinner partner to Lucy Lui so she could make her suggestion and tell Lucy of her own experience with this sports medicine guru. Dr. Donetelli has over 25 years treating tennis elbow, elbow pain, wrist pain and shoulder pain. He’s developed effective rehabilitation programs that are specifically designed to fix and prevent further injuries. It’s true he treats professional athletes as well as high school and college athletes. But he also sees regular folks with potentially sport ending injuries. Lucy was appreciative of the suggestion and said she would make inquires if her tendinitis did not improve.

On a side note: Does anyone know who supplied the janitorial & maintenance supplies? It’s an odd request, but while I was in the ladies restroom, I kept hearing comments about the luxurious toilet paper and soft paper hand towels. It was rather funny since one doesn’t usually associate janitorial supplies with anything luxurious. Organic or environmentally green or even biodegradable, but luxurious? Well, I have to admit, who ever planned this event and whoever hired or purchased the janitorial supplies, Kudos to You and Your Staff.

The over 1200 VIP guests were treated to luxury gift baskets that had engraved diamond keepsake tucked in among the gourmet sweet and savory treats. The gift baskets also contained Cabernet Sauvignon wine, champagne and cavier with fluted glasses, along with a foil cutter, VIP lever-style wine opener, replacement corkscrew, wine opener stand with a dual compartment wine tote. Whoever came up with the idea for the gift baskets hit a home run. Guest were talking about how impressed they were with not only the presentation, but also the quality of the foodstuffs and wine. There was also a CD with the music of Chaka Khan and Stevie Wonder. As a special design element all the gift basket ribbons were embroidered with the words “Women’s World Awards 2006 New YorK City.”

The Women’s World Awards which honor women from around the world whose achievements contribute to furthering self-determination, gender equality, freedom and the elimination of all forms of social and economic discrimination is a worth while event attended by hundreds of people. Whoopi Goldberg, Sharon Stone, NASA’s Shana Dale, Lucy Liu, Claudia Schiffer and Susan Sarandon were among this year’s honorees in categories including World Entertainment Award, World Charity Award, World Achievement Award, World Social Award, World Style Award or Lifetime Achievement Award.


2005 World Actress Award Winner Teri Hatcher will co-host this year’s Women’s World Awards on October 14 at the Manhattan Center / Hammerstein Ballroom in New York. World Actor Award Winner Morgan Freeman and World Fashion Award-winning designer Vivienne Westwood were presenters along with other celebrities. It was a memorable occasion for all concerned. The glamorous, star-studded gala will be taped for television and broadcast in various countries of the world and presented later. SO if you were not one of the fortunate attendees or winners you will not miss out on the event. Keep a watch on your television programing. It will be announced. Don’t miss it!